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Nadia Kim

Around two million ethnic Koreans live in the United States. They have been referred to as a “model minority” due to their educational and economic achievements; yet they also face racial discrimination and isolation. We spoke to Professor Nadia Kim about the history of Koreans’ migration to America and the struggles they face.

Steven Denney

Politically, South Korea is experiencing some eventful years: last April saw parliamentary elections with a loss of the ruling party; next year will see presidential elections. We spoke to Steven Denney about the past three years under President Park, the peculiarities of South Korea’s democratic process, and what we can expect for the near future.

Sharon Yoon

China has become a land of economic opportunity for Koreans. Today, over 70.000 South Koreans reside in Wangjing, a district of Beijing known as the city’s Koreatown. To learn about how South Koreans interact with the Chinese citizens of Korean descent also living there, we spoke with Professor Sharon Yoon.

Mark Lippert

Just like South Korea is one of America’s most important partners in Asia, so is the United States a key ally for South Korea. An important role in the day-to-day management of this relationship is played by America’s diplomatic staff on site. We had the opportunity to meet Mark Lippert, the current Ambassador of the United States to South Korea.