Damien Spry

Damien Spry

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High-speed internet, smartphones and mobile services are ubiquitous in South Korea. Not only does this make the country a technological frontrunner, it also shapes the everyday lives of its people.

What are the unique characteristics of mobile technology and culture in South Korea ? Especially, how do children and the elderly interact with it? And what developments might we see in the future? In this episode, we talk to Damien Spry who conducts research on South Korea’s mobile phone culture.

Damien Spry is Assistant Professor for Media and Communication at Hanyang University in Seoul. His research focusses on new media forms, mobile and social technology, and how the youth as well as the elderly interact with it. Professor Spry has published texts in journals, books and newspapers. He received his BA from the University of Adelaide, his MA from the University of Technology in Sydney and his PhD from the University of Sydney.

Culturally […] there are a few things that are coming from South Korea which are starting to get exported, for example to the United States. Webtoons are a big thing here. […] Naver is doing very well on this and they have started exporting to the United States where eminent people in American comics – like Stan Lee – are starting to support that. So – watch webtoons.

The interview was recorded on September 9th in Seoul.