Daniel Tudor

Daniel Tudor

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Daniel Tudor is a British journalist who holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, an MBA from the University of Manchester and moved to Korea a decade ago. Since then he has worked as Korea correspondent for The Economist, written for several Korean newspapers and opened a chain of craft beer pubs in Seoul. He is the author of two books on Korea. The first one, “Korea – The Impossible Country”, was published in 2012; his new book, “A Geek in Korea – Discovering Asia’s New Kingdom of Cool”, is out now.

In our interview we talk about his own experience in South Korea as well as his two books about the country and its appeal to foreign audiences. Tudor suggests that the Korean Wave may only be a temporary phenomenon and that South Korea has a lot more to offer than K-Pop and TV dramas.

Korea changes. One year in Korea is like ten years in my country in terms of social change – and every kind of change.

The interview was conducted on November 5th, 2014 in Seoul.