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Bonnie Tilland

In South Korea, child-rearing remains primarily the responsibility of mothers. They face various pressures from society – and frequently their own families – as to what children ought to do, eat, and learn. We spoke to Professor Bonnie Tilland about how women steer the childhood and aspirations of their offspring, as well as their own self-development.

Jeffrey Robertson

South Korea’s foreign policy has been extensively studied. But while the country’s diplomats are at the center of its relations with the world, little research has been done on their actual work and South Korea’s diplomatic culture. To learn more about this topic, we had the honor of talking with Professor Jeffrey Robertson.

Nadia Kim

Around two million ethnic Koreans live in the United States. They have been referred to as a “model minority” due to their educational and economic achievements; yet they also face racial discrimination and isolation. We spoke to Professor Nadia Kim about the history of Koreans’ migration to America and the struggles they face.

Steven Denney

Politically, South Korea is experiencing some eventful years: last April saw parliamentary elections with a loss of the ruling party; next year will see presidential elections. We spoke to Steven Denney about the past three years under President Park, the peculiarities of South Korea’s democratic process, and what we can expect for the near future.