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Rennie J. Moon

Over the past decade, the number of foreign students in South Korea has increased eightfold. While welcome, they find themselves in a largely homogeneous society – and this causes friction. To learn more about their situation and multiculturalism at Korean universities, we spoke to Professor Rennie Moon.

Bonnie S. Glaser

China makes its weight felt on the Korean peninsula. It is the largest trade partner of both Korean states and seen as the linchpin in the international disputes surrounding North Korea. We spoke to Bonnie S. Glaser of CSIS about China’s foreign policy under Xi Jingping, its growing assertiveness and its changing stance on North Korea.

Jun-Sok Huhh

South Korea is one of the world’s largest market for video games and famous for its competitive players. A core element of the country’s gaming culture are the so-called PC Bang: ubiquitous and cheap internet cafés with a focus on competitive online gaming. We spoke to Jun-Sok Huhh about their history, workings and culture.

Olga Fedorenko

Advertisement in South Korea might seem no different from what can be seen in many other countries. At the same time, the country’s political, economic and social history has shaped it. We met with Professor Olga Fedorenko to learn more about its unique features and the role it plays in South Korea’s public discourse.